FIT for National Certification

FIT is also certification programme for employment seekers or school leavers to justify their knowledge and skills in ICT for their future endeavors. University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) which is the most reputed higher education institute in the field of computer science and information communication technology in Sri Lanka, will issue these certificates once you successfully completes relevant assessment of FIT programme.

Letter of online e-Tests of FIT Programme

This certificate will be issued for students who have successfully completed all three e-Tests of FIT programme. Students could use this certificate to register for the BIT degree programme if they have passed G.C.E. (O/L) exams. Marks with respect to each exam will be shown in the certificate. The student has to pay Rs. 500 to obtain such a certificate if they have passed all e-Tests.

FIT Certificate

Students who complete all three e-Tests and two practical tests will be qualified to obtain the FIT certificate. One practical test will be based on the "ICT Applications" syllabus and the other one is based on the "English for ICT" syllabus. A student should obtain at least 50 marks to pass the relevant practical exam. Practical test of ICT Applications is based on the 4 questions in word processing, spreadsheet management, presentation tool, and database management. This certification shows the tool used to do the practical assessment as well as individual scores with respect to four areas of assessment. Each question is given 25 marks. Practical test of English for ICT is based on the writing and speaking component of the relevant syllabus. Detailed marks with respect to each section, reading, listening, writing and speaking will be shown in the certificate.