Learning for FIT

All registered FIT students will receive a registration number and a password to access the online learning management system at http://fit.bit.lk/vle

Once your payment is confirmed for the registration, you will be notified with login details. It is recommended to include a valid email address when you register for the FIT programme. Otherwise you have to contact External Degrees Centre of UCSC by phone (Tel: 011-4720511/3) to find out the status of your registration. Within 2 weeks of registration we will enroll you to the LMS online courses. If you could not access the LMS after 2 weeks with the given username and password, please contact the LMS administrator by email (admin@fit.bit.lk) or phone (Tel: 011-2591080).

There are three separate online courses for the FIT Programme. You can access online interactive e-learning content and discuss with other learners and online e-facilitators in the course.

Several private teaching institutes in Sri Lanka conduct classes based on the FIT curriculum. We have listed these institutes registered with us. However, UCSC will not undertake any responsibility of their programmes or services. Students are kindly advised to directly contact these institutes if they are interested to attend face to face classes based on the FIT programme.

It is important to mention that all FIT exams will be conducted in English medium and all learning materials developed based on the curriculum are available in English. However, National e-Learning Centre, UCSC has published several online courses correspondung to the old FIT 101 syllabus in English, Sinhala and Tamil at http://www.e-learning.lk/vle. You can access this learning content free of charge after registering at this site.