Contact Us for More Details for FIT Programme

If you have a problem with regard to the FIT programme or related services from UCSC, please read the following guidelines for assistance.
1. Check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to see whether you could find the answer for your problem.

[>"FAQ"]. If your question is a general one, we may not answer and will redirect you to FAQ.

2. If your question is related to academic matters, for example, about the syllabus and exam results regarding BIT etc., you are requested to contact the academic coordinator of the FIT Programme.

Prof. K. P. Hewagamage
Address: University of Colombo School of Computing, No. 35, Reid Avenue, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

3. If your question is related to administration matters of FIT programme, for example registration, submitting applications for examination, etc. please contact External Degrees Centre. It is recommended to check the FIT website ( ) or FIT LMS ( ) before you contact the relevant details.

Mr L P Jayasinghe
Tel: +94-11-4720511 (Working Hours only)
Address:Coordinator, (EDC),External Degrees Centre of UCSC,No 17, Swarna Road, Colombo 06.(Opposite Havlock City).

4. If your question is related to e-learning services, for example, login into the Learning Management System (, online assignments and accessing online courses related issues, contact e-Learning Centre. If your question is about online course content, it is recommended to check the relevent discussion forum of the course and post your question before you contact relevant facilitator at e-Learning Centre. (Check the VLE site for announcements)
Tel: +94 11 2158947 (Working Hours only)
Address: e-Learning Centre, University of Colombo School of Computing, 221/2A, Reid Avenue, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka.

5. If you want to make a complain about any service related to the FIT Programme, you are requested to contact the following staff members depending on your issue. It is recommended to send your complain by email rather than contacting through phone, unless it is an urgent matter.

Mr L P Jayasinghe, Coordinator, External Degrees Centre of UCSC (, +94-11-4720511 )
Dr. D.D. Karunarathne, Coordinator for FIT Programme and Coordinator e-Learning Centre, UCSC (, +94-11-2158947)
Prof. K. P. Hewagamage, Director, UCSC, (, +94-11-2158950 )